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National study shows domestic violence reports higher in down economy

A national study on law enforcement officials shows that there has been an increase in the number of domestic violence reports because of the slow economy.

The objective of the study was to determine how the conditions in the current economy affect how law enforcement officials do their jobs. The study asked 200 law enforcement agencies and found that nearly 56 percent of them reported an increase in domestic violence incidents because of the sluggish economy.

This number increased from a similar study that was done in 2010, where 40 percent reported an increase. Although the number of crimes reported has deceased, police have stated that the number of domestic violence calls has increased, even though charges may not be filed.

Police officials in Camden, New Jersey stated that there were 9,100 domestic violence incidents in 2011 and 7,500 in 2010. Police have stated that a sluggish economy does have something to do with the increase because layoffs and unemployment can result in increased stress in the home.

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