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Two competing bills seek to reform NJ alimony system

Another bill seeking to implement reform in the current alimony law in New Jersey was recently introduced, giving the current alimony reform bill being considered some competition.

The first measure, which was announced earlier this year, aggressively aims to end permanent alimony by proposing to cut payments when the receiving spouse earns more than what the payer spouse earns. Assemblyman and sponsor of the bill Charles Mainor labeled the current ruling on permanent alimony as “unfair” and “outdated,” saying a time limit should be set on the NJ permanent alimony system.

Meanwhile, a more lenient measure was introduced in the last week of November. It aims to lessen or terminate alimony payments when the payer loses his/her job, has retired, or when the receiving person has moved in with a new partner. However, critics asserted that this revision does not address the issue that many cases of permanent alimony involve receiving spouses who have the capacity to be financially independent.

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