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Same-sex couples now entitled to no-fault divorce in New Jersey

PolitickerNJ reported that while much of the country is focusing on the Supreme Court’s decision to rule on same-sex marriage’s constitutionality, a New Jersey court took a step toward equality. Groh v. Groh is a notable case in New Jersey as its judge, Lawrence Jones, ruled recently this month that same-sex couples are now entitled to a no-fault divorce.

Only last year were New Jersey same-sex couples allowed to legally marry. Before that, civil unions were the only choice available since 2006, without a way to end the union should differences occur. Now, however, Jones has ruled that a couple might cite “irreconcilable differences,” just like any other couple bringing an end to a marriage.

Lewis v. Harris was the previous court case that allowed civil unions to take place in New Jersey, and Judge Jones says he based his ruling on the “self-evident” intent of the former ruling. This intent, according to Jones, was to “create symmetry between the recognized causes of action for divorce and dissolution of a civil union.”

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