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Guy Pearce announces divorce from Kate Mestitz

The 48-year-old Memento actor announced on October 13th that he and soon-to-be-ex-wife Kate Mestitz are divorcing after nearly two decades of marriage. The couple officially tied the know in 1997, but have known each other for almost thirty-five years in total. Pearce confirmed rumors of their separation and revealed that the pair had actually been separated since January of this year.

Pearce and Mestitz have always been notoriously private about their personal life, making their tight-lipped attitude towards this news of divorce unsurprising. Neither Pearce nor Mestitz provided a reason for the divorce to the public, but the actor made several statements on social media sites with nothing but kind words for his ex-wife. The separation was reported to be amicable, and the actor mentioned that he and Mestitz remain close even after their divorce.

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