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‘Charmed’ Actress Files for Divorce from Husband of 2 Years

Actress Rose McGowan has filed for divorce from her husband, Davey Detail, after two years of marriage. McGowan reportedly filed the papers on February 1, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. While the actress did not expand on what caused the rift, it has been revealed that the couple has been separated since May of 2015. McGowan has asked a judge to reject any requests of spousal support following the divorce.

McGowan is known for her roles on ‘Charmed’ and the movie ‘Scream,’ while Detail is a visual artist. The couple married in October of 2013 after a year of dating and lived in Los Angeles together. Although McGowan was famously engaged to Marilyn Manson and dated filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, this was her first marriage.

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