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Divorce is final for McPhee and Cokas

Singer and actress Katharine McPhee, 31, was officially divorced from her husband, Nick Cokas, on February 8. The two were married in 2008 and have been separated since March 2013, according to court documents. McPhee filed for divorce in 2014. McPhee and Cokas have no children together.

Cokas was granted spousal support and he will be receiving $400,000 from McPhee every year. He will also be receiving half of the money earned through McPhee’s deal with Columbia/Epic Records and earnings from songs she created during their marriage. All of their assets have been divided. Cokas will keep the 2013 Jeep Wrangler and McPhee will get the couple’s 2012 Mercedes-Benz SUV.

McPhee will keep her earnings from her previous shows and tours.

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