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Model Christina Estrada to receive £53 million from Saudi billionaire ex-husband

Former model Christina Estrada is receiving £53 million, or about $96 million, in settlements following her divorce from Saudi billionaire Sheikh Walid Juffali. When combined with her own assets, Estrada will receive about £75 million from the divorce. The former model initially sought £238 million from her ex-husband. BBC called the settlement “the largest award ever made by an English court.”

Estrada and Juffali have one child together. In 2012, while still married to Estrada, Juffali married a young Lebanese model with whom he fathered two children. He divorced Estrada under Islamic law without her knowledge in 2014. According to her statement to The Guardian, Estrada wanted to resolve their separation amicably upon finding out about his second wife and the divorce. Juffali has until July 29 to pay the sum to his ex-wife. According to The Guardian, the Saudi billionaire was unable to attend court proceedings because he was undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

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