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Benefits of Divorce Court

Although many people assume that divorce always involves a courtroom battle, many of these legal proceedings actually take place outside of court with the help of a mediator or arbiter. However, a mediated or arbitrated divorce may not be viable in some situations. When negotiating with your spouse fails, addressing your divorce in court may be the best way to ensure your interests and rights are fully protected.

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, having a reliable and skilled attorney on your side is essential. Contact a Monmouth county divorce attorney at the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq., at (732) 898-2378 to speak with an attorney about your case today.

Reasons to Turn to Court

There are a variety of circumstances that may dictate the need for a divorce in court, including the following:

  • Your spouse has hired an overly aggressive attorney
  • Your spouse has a history of trying to bully his or her way through disagreements
  • Your spouse refuses to communicate with you
  • Your spouse is potentially trying to hide assets

Typically, if the terms of the divorce cannot be negotiated and a spouse is unwilling to compromise, the only way for these matters to be settled is in the courtroom.

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