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Choosing how to divide property between spouses in a divorce can be difficult in even the most amicable separations. However, in more contentious divorces, this problem can become considerably magnified. For many couples, most of the property they own was purchased during the marriage, making it property held in common by the couple. The assistance of a qualified legal professional can help to resolve these disputes.

If you or someone you know is considering pursuing divorce from your spouse, let us handle the legal issues while you focus on what’s truly important during this difficult time. Contact a Monmouth County property division attorney at the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. today at (732) 898-2378 to discuss the details of your situation with an experienced legal professional.

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There are several different types of property which must be considered when choosing how to make property divisions between divorcing couples. These include:

If a couple cannot come to terms of property division between themselves, it may be necessary to pursue legal assistance in order to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

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Whether you need assistance formalizing a property division agreement or you need legal representation in order to ensure that you receive the division you deserve, we can help. Contact a Monmouth County property division lawyer of the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. at (732) 898-2378 today to learn more about your rights and options under the law.