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Determining Alimony Payments

When a couple is divorcing, adjusting to a new lifestyle is often one of the hardest changes for both partners to make. This can be especially true if one of the spouses was largely dependent on the income and lifestyle that the other spouse provided. In cases such as these, courts want to ensure that both spouses are able to adequately maintain a comfortable lifestyle that is as close as possible to what they experienced when married. To this end, a court or judge may order that one of the spouses must make alimony payments to the other, but how exactly do they determine this?

If you are looking to obtain alimony from your ex-spouse or are looking to alter the alimony arrangement that was decided upon during your divorce, the Monmouth County divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq., can help you. Call (732) 898-2378 to speak with our dedicated lawyers who have the experience you are seeking for your divorce.

Alimony Assessment Factors

When a court is determining whether or not a spouse will be required to make alimony payments, they will take a look at numerous factors, including:

  • Each person’s earning capability based on numerous factors, including current work status, how long a person has been out of work, the cost of returning to school, and more
  • The mental and physical health of both partners
  • Each partner’s ability to make alimony payments and the effect this will have on their taxes

Based on these above factors and, potentially, other factors that the court deems necessary, a court will decide whether or not a person will be required to make alimony payments.

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Alimony payments can have a drastic effect on the financial situation and lifestyle of both partners. Thus, it is imperative that you have an experienced divorce attorney on your side to help you fight for a fair settlement. Contact the Monmouth County alimony attorneys at the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq., by calling (732) 898-2378 to discuss how we can help you.