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How to Protect Your Visitation Rights

New Jersey law reflects the fact that a parent has a right to a healthy, stable relationship with their child, even if a court has granted sole custody to one caregiver. Unless your presence has been judged to put your child at risk of emotional or physical harm, you have parental visitation rights that legally cannot be violated. It is important to make sure your right to see your child is being considered, especially during and after custody cases. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to lose the opportunity to spend time with their children and if the right to this opportunity is violated, it should be remedied with speed and compassion.

The child custody attorneys at Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. understand that coming up with visitation schedules, no matter the technical legal arrangement, can pose practical and emotional challenges. Each parent probably has different time commitments, and custody disagreements can be draining. However, conflicting calendars and other problems should not put your right to see your child at risk.

Understanding Visitation Rights Violations

It’s important to know the warning signs of your rights being violated, and your response to your suspicions should be swift. Your visitation rights might have been violated if:

  • Your child’s other parent repeatedly cancels scheduled visits
  • Your child’s other parent constantly attempts to reschedule visits during times that cannot work for you
  • Your visits have often been cut short of the time allotted by the court
  • Your child’s other parent ignores specific court orders

Your visitation rights are in place not just for you—they are also for your child’s best interest. When your legal visits are put at risk, preventing you from maintaining your parent-child bond, your child is hurt too.

How We Can Help

It can be daunting to return to court over visitation rights violations. These kinds of cases can be emotionally difficult, but you must remember that this time is hard for your child as well. That’s why our child custody attorneys at Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. diligently strive to master the specifics of your case and shoulder some of the legal burdens that can come from custody disputes, all while remaining compassionate. Call (732) 898-2378 for a free, easy consultation with a skilled legal professional if you suspect your visitation rights are being jeopardized or violated.