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Requirements for a Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is quickly becoming an alternative form of divorce for couples who may not necessarily agree on all divorce terms but who may agree on a number of the most important issues. A collaborative divorce tends to be much less hostile than a contested divorce, and many couples are choosing this format for their divorces to settle differences more quickly and at a lower cost. Nevertheless, there are certain participation requirements for collaborative divorce that each party must agree to, and for couples interested in collaborative divorce, it is important to understand these requirements.

Participation Requirements

The requirements for participation in a collaborative divorce are fairly straightforward, and must be agreed to by all parties involved before moving forward. The requirements include agreeing to:

  • All decisions prioritizing children’s interest (if applicable)
  • The divorce being based on interests of each party
  • Reliance on attorneys for all negotiations
  • Utilizing only constructive and fair communication
  • Establishing reasons why either party might leave the process

If you can agree to these terms, then a collaborative divorce might be a viable option for settling your differences with your spouse in a less hostile environment, rather than going to court.

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