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What Does a Mediator Do?

Divorce mediation is fast becoming a popular alternative to a contested divorce. This is because not all couples want to fight it out in court; they have differences but are willing to resolve them peacefully with the help of an objective third-party person. This objective outsider is a mediator, and a mediator will take several actions to help ensure that a divorce settlement is favorable to both spouses. The attorneys of Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. know the benefits of mediation and want any separating couples considering divorce in Monmouth County to understand what a mediator does.

Actions of a Mediator

Understanding a mediator’s role in divorce mediation is important, so couples can make an educated decision on whether this option is right for them. The actions of individual mediators may vary slightly, but most will engage in:

  • Evaluation of options before a couple
  • Education of couple on the divorce process and minutia
  • Review of all documentation (before you sign anything)
  • Preparation of documentation for the court

These actions can help simplify the divorce process for couples. Mediated divorce is often a less hostile, less time-consuming, and less costly option for people seeking a divorce.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Monmouth County

If you and your spouse are deciding between divorce options and consider mediation as a potential option, the attorneys of Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. can help you make your decision. Talk with us today about mediation and other divorce alternatives by calling our offices in Monmouth County at (732) 898-2378.