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If you are considering giving your child up for adoption by a relative or if you are considering adopting a relative’s child, you might be feeling some hesitation. Adoption is a permanent and life-changing responsibility. However, relative adoption can present many benefits for the child in question. First, when a relative adopts your child, you usually know that they are in good hands and with someone you trust. Additionally, the adoptive parent will have some idea of the child’s ancestry and any medical conditions they may be predisposed to have. As the child grows and starts to ask questions about their family and heritage, the adopting relative should be better suited to answer those questions fully and truthfully. Relative adoption is generally a more streamlined process, so there should not be a long waiting period for the child to be under the legal care of their new guardian. Lastly, the biological parent of the child can possibly have contact with the child and watch them grow, if the adoption agreement allows. Whether you are the biological parent or the relative looking to adopt, contacting an adoption attorney would be helpful in arranging an agreement and making sure your rights are protected.