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Divorce 101: Understanding the Basics

Divorce 101_ Understanding the Basics Image

Table Of Contents

    The divorce and family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Andrew A. Bestafka have put together some important facts regarding the divorce process to help you better understand the basics of legal separation from a spouse.

    1. Filing of a Petition: The first step in a divorce is the filing of a divorce petition. This document is written by one spouse and served to the other in order to alert them that their partner would like to pursue a divorce.
    2. Temporary Orders: After a petition has been filed and answered, the divorce process will officially begin. Temporary orders are sometimes put in place to ensure that bills and other financial obligations are taken care of while the spouses sort out their future arrangements.
    3. Discovery Process: The discovery process is a period of time set aside for both parties to get the information they need about income, child custody, assets, debts, and other factors that may be important during the rest of the divorce.
    4. Divorce Settlement is Attempted: Some couples may be able to find an agreeable arrangement without a formal trial and if this is the case, settlement may be an option. This can be accomplished through mediation, arbitration, or the couple’s own arrangement and often saves time and money for the spouses.
    5. Trial is Completed: If no agreement can be reached, the couple will be required to go to court. This process can take many weeks to complete and may require the use of witnesses, attorneys, and judges. Once both sides have presented their cases, a finalized divorce settlement will be issues to the couple.

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