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Divorce finalized for David Duchovny and Tea Leoni

After 17 years of marriage, former X Files star David Duchovny and The Naked Truth actress Tea Leoni are divorcing, an online report stated on Saturday, August 9.

Divorce papers filed by the couple in June cited “an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship” as the cause of the split. Both Duchovny and Leoni will share joint legal custody of their children, Madelaine West, 15, and Kyd Miller, 12, although Leoni will have primary physical custody. Every month, Duchovny will reportedly pay $40,000 in spousal support and $8,333 in child support, among other expenses.

The two separated in 2008, the same year Duchovny entered into a treatment center for sexual addiction. The couple separated again in 2011 before filing for a divorce this year.

Ending years of marriage through a divorce can be difficult for anyone, not just for the couple but also any kids involved. Consulting with a family law attorney that understands the needs of a family struggling through this tough process can be extremely helpful. If you need assistance or legal advice for divorce in Monmouth County, consult with a lawyer at the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq., by calling (732) 898-2378 today.

Salem man arrested for outstanding child support warrants

A man from Salem, New Jersey, was recently arrested after it was discovered that he had two outstanding child support warrants due to owing over $15,000 in back child support.

According to the Star-Ledger, the 43-year-old man owes $15,863.60 in child support. Upon arrest, it was also found that he has two outstanding warrants from Penns Grove Municipal Court, a warrant in Pennsville Municipal Court, and another in Mid-Salem County Joint Municipal Court. He is being held in Salem County at this time.

If you or a loved one has not been paid the child support that you are owed, contact the Monmouth County child support attorneys of the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq., by calling 732-898-2378. We can discuss your legal options today.

Knoxville man owes child support for 30 children

A man from Knoxville has recently gone to court in order to ask for help because he has been unable to make child support payments for his 30 children.

The man works for minimum wage in Tennessee and now has 30 children by 11 different women. He has asked the court to change his child support payments because he has trouble paying his bills.

The state of Tennessee only allows for half of  a paycheck to be garnished for child support payments, which means that some of the mothers receive less then $1.50 a month. The man was last in court in 2009 when he had 21 children. He was struggling with child support then and told officials that he was not going to have anymore children.