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Lawyers reveal a growing number of ex-husbands are receiving alimony from wives

In a report published by Reuters on December 24, it was shown that more divorce lawyers are noting a shift in economic roles between men and women that has resulted in an increasing number of men receiving spousal support from more ‘well-off’ ex-wives.

A survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers among its 1,600 members revealed that close to half of their colleagues have observed a rise in the number of husbands receiving alimony from their divorced wives. Experts say the shift is a result of an ongoing trend where women tend to be the key breadwinner in the family while men tend to slow-down their career to stay at home and look after children.

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NJSBA Family Law Section Clarifies Position on Alimony Reform

New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Section Chair Patrick Judge Jr. responded to what he described as misleading information made about the position of  The New Jersey State Bar Association on an Alimony Study Commission in two editorials published late February, “Alimony laws warrant review”and “Lobby blocks alimony reform,” respectively.

Additional controversy arose earlier this year with the  “Alimony in the 21st Century: The Myths and the Reality” program held at the Hilton, East Brunswick Hotel on Jan. 25  by the New Jersey Women for Alimony Reform (NJWAR). This session was offered as an alternative to a “Why Alimony is Awarded” session sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Section.  NJWAR endorses alimony guidelines that are uniform, predictable, efficient, and fair to both parties like those in effect in other states.

According to Judge Jr., the New Jersey State Bar Association has been proactive in tackling the issues related to alimony through the creation of an Alimony Study Commission that would look at alimony laws in NJ as they currently are and make suggestions for what could be done in the future.

He further added that they have been continuously cooperating with the bill’s sponsors and engaging in other advocacy groups with sole purpose of seeing it through a final passage in the state Senate.

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