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Dennis Rodman sentenced for failure to pay child support

Former NBA player, Dennis Rodman has now been sentenced after being found guilty on four counts  of contempt for failure to pay child support. He has been sentenced to 104 hours of community service and has also been placed on three years of unofficial probation in order to make sure that he continues to pay child and spousal support that he owes.

Rodman is accused of owing child and spousal support to his ex-wife in amounts that exceed over $800,000 and legal issues on the matter began in 2004.

The charges come from 2009 and 2010 when Rodman was expected to pay nearly $50,000 a month in support. This payment has  now been reduced to $4,500 a month.

Divorce, child support and spousal support can be very complicated issues, to learn more about this and how child custody is determined, contact the Monmouth County child support lawyers of the Law Office of Andrew A.  Bestafka, Esq by calling 732-898-2378.

Linda Evangelista, supermodel, settles child custody dispute

Supermodel, Linda Evangelista has now settled a child custody case with the father of her child, french billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault.

According to ABC News online, Monday’s court session adjourned after only 20 minutes and both sides are expected to be back in court today. News sources have stated that the two parties reached an agreement over the phone today.

Reportedly, Evangelista was asking for more than $46,000 a month in support for their 5-year-old son. Evangelista denied this figure later in court. Her defense claims that Pinault asked her to terminate the pregnancy and it has been said that she will testify on his reluctance in court.

Pinault, now married to actress Selma Hayek, allegedly did not recognize the child as his own until 2009, even though he found out about him in 2007.