Covid-19 Update:

The Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. is taking a safe but proactive approach to the Coronavirus situation in our law practice. We are working every day to represent our clients. We are offering frontline healthcare workers at CentraState free Simple Wills. To read more please Click Here

The days ahead may be a challenge. But we will continue to work to take care of our client’s cases and to take on new matters and clients. We will simply manage your case in less traditional, more technology-driven ways, that are safer for your health and ours.

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“I am not an ATM!” When a non-custodial parent is not obligated to pay for higher education costs.

When parents divorce, their marital settlement agreement may have a provision that each of the parties will contribute toward their children’s education in proportion to their income and assets when the time comes. New Jersey is unique in that both parents have an obligation to contribute toward their child’s higher education. Child support and higher […]

NJSBA Family Law Section Clarifies Position on Alimony Reform

New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Section Chair Patrick Judge Jr. responded to what he described as misleading information made about the position of  The New Jersey State Bar Association on an Alimony Study Commission in two editorials published late February, “Alimony laws warrant review”and “Lobby blocks alimony reform,” respectively. Additional controversy arose earlier this […]

Does My Teenaged Child Have the Right to Choose Where He/She Wants to Live?

A teenaged child’s preference to change custody is but one factor that a Court must consider when transferring custody to a non-custodial parent. On January 17, 2012, the Appellate Division, in Atherholt v. Hunter, reiterated a well settled principle that New Jersey Courts are required to hold plenary hearings before changing custody and must analyze […]

Study Shows Trends Regarding Employment and Domestic Abuse

A new study has shown that dual-employment relationships are statistically most likely to trigger domestic violence. The study entitled “Differences in Education/Employment Status and Intimate Partner Victimization,” began with telephone interviews conducted by the Crime Victims Institute of Sam Houston State University (Texas) among 303 women considered themselves to be in a serious romantic relationship […]

Salem man arrested for outstanding child support warrants

A man from Salem, New Jersey, was recently arrested after it was discovered that he had two outstanding child support warrants due to owing over $15,000 in back child support. According to the Star-Ledger, the 43-year-old man owes $15,863.60 in child support. Upon arrest, it was also found that he has two outstanding warrants from Penns […]