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Custody cases involving pets increase in U.S.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of custody cases that involve pets in divorce cases. In a 2006 survey, it was found that the number of custody cases that determine the fate of a pet has grown nearly 15 percent. Attorneys have stated that the court tends to lean toward leaving the […]

Smoking cigarettes now used in child custody disputes

A trend that is now being seen in child custody cases is whether or not the parent smokes cigarettes. A recent study conducted by an anti-tobacco group was done and the results show evidence of this trend growing. According to results, at least 18 states have used cigarette smoking as a factor in child custody […]

Monmouth County library to hold food festival next weekend

Monmouth County is holding a food festival at the county’s library next weekend. The event will feature celebrity chef David Burke who will host the “Food for Thought, What’s On Your Plate.” The festival is one day long and it will explore food as it affects many areas including career, community service and culture. Burke […]

Rapper, DMX, allegedly owes $1 million in child support

Rapper DMX is being accused of owing $1 million in back child support, but the rapper has stated that the woman may be lying and a paternity test has been ordered to make sure that the child is his. According to court records, the woman and DMX are currently in the middle of a paternity […]

Katy Perry, Russell Brand decide on divorce settlement

Katy Perry and Russel Brand, whom announced their divorce a few months ago, have now decided on a settlement agreement. According to sources close to the couple, the papers were signed amicably. Brand decided to not accept the money that he is legally entitled to under California law. This would have meant that he could […]

N.J. school, where Whitney Houston began singing, mourns death

In New Jersey, the Whitney E. Houston Performing Arts Center is mourning the death of singing icon, Whitney Houston. This school was where Houston began to show her vocal talent and shined as a member of the choir and chorus. According to the Los Angeles Times, the flag outside of the school is now flying […]

Divorce rate dropping across the nation

The divorce rate has been dropping across the nation and has fallen five percent since 1996. Researchers in the area have stated that the struggling economy may be a reason for this because divorce can be very expensive. Data has shown that there is a link between the employment rate and divorce. The higher the […]

Former NFL all-star, Warren Sapp, owes child support, alimony

Former NFL all-star, Warren Sapp, allegedly owes his ex-wife in back child support and alimony payments. His ex-wife filed a motion in order to get the money that is owed to her and their two children, but he filed a motion to get the payments lowered. According to the court documents, Sapp owes $728,100 to […]